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Spitz characteristics


Origins : Germany

Use : Dog for company

Classification F.C.I. : Gruop 5 - Dogs of Spitz type and primitive kind.

General Features : All germanic Spitz have even and soft hair with lots of underhair. The head, ears, and part of anterior arts and feet are covered of think and short hair.
The rest of the body hair is long and abundant, not curly or wavy. Neck and shoulders are covered of a rich crest.

Height : 20-22 cm of withers. Subjects under 18 cm are not desirable.

Body :
It's rather compact and well proportionated.

Head :
Of medium size, similar to the fox's one. Forehead is large and rounded, the face is not very long and starting from the head it gets thiner toward the top of the nose.

Skin : Well adherent to the body, without folds.

Nose :
It must be always black.

Neck :
Straight and well inserted.

Ears :
Straight and triagle shaped.

Eyes :
Of medium size, eyelids are black in each coat color ones. It is dark brown in brown Spitz.

Teeth and jaws : Jaws normally developed with fork type closing.

Arts :
Of medium size, right proportional with the body which stays within the square.

Nail :
Attached, high, very short, turned forward and rounded up on the back.

Colors :
All colors are admitted (in the Pomeranz dwarf Spitz)

Defects :
High on the arts, incorrect movement,teeth defects, monorchidism, criptorchidism, clear nails, clear eyes, shy attitude, obesity.

Size :
20 cm +/- 2 cm. Subjects under 18 cm are not desirable.